The Price of Bali Villas Rental

A pleasant vacation must be supported by a comfortable place to stay as well. Bali villas rental is currently an accommodation trend that is mostly chosen by tourists visiting Bali. Apart from being a comfortable place, practical and certainly not inferior to staying at a hotel is the main reason.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Villa in Bali?

Villa rental prices in Bali itself vary. It depends on the number of rooms and also the facilities in the villa. For more detailed information, please read to the following review.

1. Price for Rent Villa with One Bedroom

For those of you who want to enjoy a vacation together or honeymoon with a partner, then most likely you will rent a private villa that only provides one bedroom. For Bali villas rental with one bedroom, the price range usually starts from 600,000 to 2,500,000 / night.

This price is the price for a private villa equipped with a private pool and other complete facilities. It is very cheap and safe on the pocket, right? However, if you want to minimize your budget, you can rent a villa without having a private pool for fewer than 600,000.

2. Price for Rent Villa with 2 Bedrooms

Not only provide one bedroom, in Bali there are also many villas that have two bedrooms. This villa is suitable as a place to stay for a small family or those of you who are going on vacation with 3 of your friends.

The rental price for this 2 bedroom villa starts from 1,500,000 to more than 6,000,000 / night. The price is of course comparable to the villa facilities offered. The price includes private pool facilities. Your vacation will certainly be more fun and exciting with a private pool.

3. Villa Rental Prices for 10 Bedrooms

If you want to go on vacation to Bali with a large family or a work team, you can rent a villa with 10 bedroom facilities. The average area of ​​this villa is 987 m². Additional facilities for renting this villa are a barbecue area, private pool and billiards place.

The price for renting a villa with a total of 10 rooms usually starts from 10,000,000 rupiah. This price is of course comparable to the facilities, views, and also the close distance to existing tourist attractions.

Well, those are some Bali villas rental price ranges that you can use as a reference before staying in Bali. If you want to find a villa that is comfortable and provides many facilities, you can visit the Bali Villas R Us website.